– 8 warm presets for Capture One Pro
– developed to use with RAW files
– adjust exposure and white balance only
– developed with RAW files from sony camera


1. How do I install the presets ?
There is an installation guide .PDF file within each products .zip file.

2. What payment methods are available? You can pay via PayPal or credit card.

3. How do I get my purchased products?
You will get an email with the download link right after the purchase is completed.

4. The download link does not work or expired.
The download link expires after 5 download attempts. If you have had problem with downloading, send me an email to radek@radekswiatkowski.com, and I will help you with the download.

5. What if I have not gotten any confirmation email with the download link yet?
If something does not agree, you can contact me directly at radek@radekswiatkowski.com and I will send the confirmation email again.

6. How to adjust the presets to get the best results?
If you do not see the expected result straight away, you can try to adjust the sliders. Use Exposure and Whitebalance – try to change those values to achieve the best results.